How to disable mod_pagespeed from your .htaccess file

PageSpeed mod_pagespeed is a module for Apache server which is just like a plugin, and since Apache is different from IIS, it cannot be installed on IIS servers.

As for what it does, it does multiple things:

Minifies (removes whitespace, comments, etc) or in other words compresses external CSS and JavaScript
In addition to minifying JS, it combines multiple external JS files into one JS file which causes less http requests or round trips so the page loads faster
Optimizes the cache for the files. Every http header has a cache information, or in other words, for how long should the browser keep the resource, mod_pagespeed optimizes this number
Uses the idea of URL fingerprinting for the new JS files. Basically when the mod_pagespeed optimizes and combines multiple JS files into one file, this temporary file is stored somewhere on the server, however, its filename is generated from the content of the JS files using checksum algorithms such as MD5. What this allows to do is that mod_pagespeed tells the browser to store the JS file for a long […] Continue Reading…

5 Steps to getting the most out of cheap WordPress hosting


It may seem unfair, but a well-built WordPress website can be completely damaged if you are hosting it with a low-quality web host provider. Choosing the right company will ensure the success of your business and it will serve an important role throughout its life-span.

How is Cheap WordPress Hosting Possible?

WordPress is a lightweight system that “theoretically” runs on any server that supports PHP and MySQL 5. With this being said, most hosting companies are able to offer extremely low prices to their clients. Knowing this information suddenly makes people’s decisions be based upon “who has the lowest price” and then they choose the cheapest WordPress hosting provider they can.

However, we must not forget about quality. There is a big difference between a website that merely runs and one that runs well. Although most  “shared servers ” (shared hosts) meet their user’s demands, there are many other factors that need to be taken into consideration.

When choosing a web host, you need to make sure that your provider will give you all of the necessary resources […] Continue Reading…

Shared hosting accounts – Providing Tons of Benefits


Sourcing your information to a hosting provider has proven to be incredibly beneficial. As a reputable host, we understand that you might feel a bit intimidated and overwhelmed from the perspective of having to share sensible information about your enterprise with a third party, and that’s why we have the most comprehensive privacy policy out there. However, let’s see why you might want to strongly consider using the services of web server such as the ones that we have to offer for you.


It’s Way Cheaper!

A lot of people are going to try and convince you that there’s nothing better than hosting your own servers but the truth could be a bit different. While having your own system set up for hosting is definitely advantageous – you are going to be in full control over the entire process, there are significant advantages of using a shared hosting plan. Right off the bat, you wouldn’t have to consider the tremendous initial investment for a hosting system that’s capable of providing enough room and reliability for your […] Continue Reading…

Dedicated Servers Hosting

Any idea what dedicated servers hosting is? It’s a type of internet hosting arrangement or configuration where a server is allocated or assigned to an individual, association, organization or institute. It’s different from regular hosting where a server is used by many clients or people. This particular type of server hosting includes your own choice of hardware and operating system.

Do you want to know the benefits of this type of server hosting and usage? Okay let’s see what those are:

Personalized or custom built: Dedicated server hosting provides liberty and a command which other hosting solutions do not offer. Because the server is assigned or dedicated to one client or a single user with no other users or companions, the hosting solutions can be customized and/or personalized according to the needs of the client or customer. This guarantees that the customer will get what he asked for and pay for the features he opted or choose.

Clogging or overcrowding: When dedicated servers are used, clogging is rarely an issue unlike other servers where there is more […] Continue Reading…

How to change your current PHP version from your cPanel account

In this tutorial you will see explains how to easily change the PHP version for your website in just a few clicks. First, you will need to login to your cPanel account and access the ” Select PHP version ” feature from Software section:

There you can change your current PHP version and also can enable some PHP modules, if needed.

Select the desired PHP version from the list and click Save. That’s all!  You have changed your current PHP version within your cPanel account.

Do you need any further assistance or have any PHP related questions? Please don’t hesitate to contact us via Live Chat or Ticket System! We will be more than happy to help you 24/7/365.

Advantages of Cheap Hosting for Websites

The backbone of an effective website is having a highly reliable and cheap hosting service provider. However visually attractive your website is if you do not have a good host you will not maximize your online presence. Luckily, it is now easier to find a cheap web hosting provider online to provide you with the tools you need to succeed. Here are some of the main advantages of choosing a cheap hosting provider.

If you are looking for a cheap hoster, it is highly likely that you are a small business or start-up firm with a limited budget. You have planned out all your expenses and are looking for an inexpensive web hosting provider to get your website up and running. In such cases, opting for cheap web hosting offers immense cost saving benefits to small businesses and enables them get a foothold in the modern online world. Starting out by using such a service ensures that you have enough room to expand further in the future to the more expensive plans as your business […] Continue Reading…

How to setup an email client

Let’s say that you have created an email account within your cPanel account, you need to access and manage your mailbox by setting up an email client on your desktop or mobile device. This next  article explains where to find your email configuration settings and the links to our setup guides for the most common email clients.

If you will rather access your email account online, please access for more informations.

Please note that the configuration settings are a bit different for each email account. Follow the steps below to view the unique settings for your email account:

Login to your THCServers’ cPanel account.
 Access the Email Accounts feature

 On your desired email account press ” Set up mail client  ”

  If you’re unable to log in to the cPanel to view your email settings, you can still set up your email client using these basic settings:

–  SSL settings:

Your email account

The password to access your email account

Incoming Mail Server
The server you are assigned on

Supported Port
993 (IMAP), 995 (POP3)

Outgoing Mail Server
The server you are assigned on

Supported Port
465 ( SMTP )

– […] Continue Reading…

I just received my hosting details – where do I upload my files?

Firstly, if you have just received your hosting details, we’d like to thank you for trusting !

Now, here’s how you can upload your website’s files:

login to your cPanel account using the information provided in your New Account Information email;
access File Manager
upload a ZIP (not RAR) archive of your website’s files into Public_html folder; this is the folder where you will have hosted all the files for your main domain – it cannot be changed.
unzip the files into Public_html
Create database and assign a user to it (all privileges); import the sql file into PhPMyAdmin if you already have an old database
Edit your config file

…and Voila! Your website is now hosted with us. Don’t forget to change the nameservers – this is done by accessing the Registrar account (where you bought your domain name from).

If you need any help, do not hesitate to contact us! We are always online, 24/7.

Website limits reached – what to do?

When your traffic increases, you might experience a Website limits reached error. But why does this happen and what does it mean?

Every hosting package comes with limited resources:

Geek plan – Cpu 40%, virtual memory 1536Mb, Physical memory 1536, Entry processes 40, Number of processes 20, I/O 1024
Nerd plan – Cpu 50%, virtual memory 3072Mb, Physical memory 3072, Entry processes 50, Number of processes 50, I/O 2048
Freek plan – Cpu 60%, virtual memory 4096Mb, Physical memory 4096, Entry processes 60, Number of processes 100, I/O 2048

Most of the cases, the error is caused by the number of entry processes.


What is an entry process?
Well, when logging in your cPanel, you can see in your Statistics the Entry processes number. The number shows just how many PHP scripts you have running at the same time. As you can see above, the limits are 20/50/60 of PHP scripts running at the same time.

Despite rumors, a 20 limit Entry process does not mean that your website can only be accessed by 20 visitors, simultaneously.


How to solve the issue?
You can […] Continue Reading…

How to change the domain name for your hosting Account

We are sometimes in a hurry and our mind is wondering – this is the perfect time to buy hosting and make typing mistakes!

Did you make a purchase for one of our Hosting plans, and found out that you had mistyped  the name? Well, there is no need to panic, as we can change it in no time! All you have to do is send us a Ticket with the correct domain name, or, better yet, contact us via Live chat. Our Team works fast and you will have your Hosting account ready in just a few moments.


Not using your old domain? Well, just give us your new one and we can replace it! There is no need to cancel the current hosting and buy another one – we can simply modify your account. No days lost, no hidden fees and extra fast!

Remember, we are always here to help you, so do not hesitate to contact us whenever it is needed.


Thank you for choosing and have a Great Day!