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If you are thinking about launching a website online, here are some things you need to consider first:

  • Buying a domain name. A domain is the name of your website, eg.: Domain names can vary in price, depending on what you choose; you need to check that your domain name is available before you can purchase it. You can do that with a click of the mouse here – Domain checker 
  • A template – your site’s design. This can be custom made to fit your needs, or you can order a ready-made template. Some templates are free of charge, but for a great designed website you need to have a budget. THC Servers offers neat web design services at affordable prices. So, don’t be reluctant in sending us an email – we will be happy to make your website template!
  • Hosting space. This is needed in order to have you site on the world wide web, available to everyone. Here at THC Servers we have hosting plans that fit your every needs. If you are looking to host a website, we have cheap hosting that meets your high expectations: every hosting plan comes equiped with a Cpanel so you can easily manage your website files. You can add up to unlimited domains, for just 5,95$/month , with the Freek plan. If you only have one domain, the Geek hosting plan is what you need: 1,95$/month, up to 5 email accounts, unlimited Disk space and Bandwidth allowance. You can check all our hosting plans here  and decide on one that works best for you.

Need any help? No problem! You will allways find one of our tech coleagues online, via Live chat or Ticket system, that is eager to offer support in real time. Doesn’t it sound great?

  • Upload your website template. This can be easily done with the help of the Cpanel. If you need any help, just submit a ticket and we will assist you . Need migrating your website to our hosting company? Here at THC Servers we do that for free!
  • Update your nameservers. If you have purchased your domain from THC Servers, you can skip this step; otherwise, you need to go to your Registrar account (where you bought your domanin name) and edit the nameservers. You can find out how by accessing this step-by-step Tutorial

That’s it! Now, you are good to go! Easy, right?

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  1. Shiver me timbers, them’s some great inoamrftion.

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