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Lets say you need to redirect visitors of your website from a source URL to a target URL

We are gonna show you how to create a URL redirect from your cPanel account, in this case with a paper_lantern theme.

You will login into your cPanel and find the Domains section.

In the Domains section click Redirect.

URL redirect1

Now you can select the type of redirect you want, be it temporary or permanent redirect.

A permanent redirect will be cached and search engines spiders will follow a permanent redirect.

A temporary redirect will remain until you disable it. Browsers do not cache a temporary redirect.

URL redirect 222


After entering the target “redirects to” as a full URL, including protocol (ex. “http://”) click the Wild Card Redirect. The Wild Card Redirect will redirect all files from a location to the same filename at the redirected location.

Click the Add button and you are done.

You have succesfully created a URL redirect.

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