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Today, a website can literally have everything in it! Whether you’re building a small blog on shared hosting to post your photos and personal experiences, or a virtual store with an advanced encryption and efficient payment system, you can do it all.

To succeed on the Internet, more important than having a good idea for your site is having a complete hosting plan that meets all of your needs. Today we are going to talk about shared hosting and reseller hosting. We will layout some important features of these hosting plans and you can decide which one is best for you.

What is Shared Hosting?

Shared hosting is the most used form of hosting in the world, mainly because it has one of the best cost / benefit ratios in the market. With this plan, the user can have access to various tools at a price they can afford.
It’s really simple and it works like this: you host your site on a server group that has its resources shared among dozens or even hundreds of other sites. Therefore, each site has its piece of the pie and they each share a server with the latest technology and high security systems.

The best part is that you don’t have to worry about anything because the server maintenance and support is handled by the hosting company. The disadvantage of this is that the shared resources are not unlimited. However, depending on the size of your site, you can upgrade between plans, if your website requires so in the future.

To illustrate this better, imagine a building, home to several people, but each one takes care of their own apartment. However, a company is due to take care of the whole building, its operation, infrastructure, among other things. This company is the hosting company.

Shared Hosting is Good for Whom?

A shared hosting plan is most suitable for beginners and/or intermediate website owners, who do not have a lot of access and traffic.

What Are The Advantages Of Shared Hosting?

1.Quality of service

One of the main advantages of this plan is that the hosting company is responsible for taking care of the server, to create systems and to do regular backup routines, in addition to the maintenance required to keep the linked server running 24 hours a day. So in terms of hosting, you will not have to worry about anything. The company does everything for you.

2. Safety

Depending on the hosting company hired, you can count on great protection systems. You just buy the hosting plan and forget all about the maintenance work. At THCServers we offer a built-in firewall on all our servers, so that your websites are protected against various threats and malicious uploads. it’s all done for you!

What is a Reseller Hosting Plan?

With a reseller hosting plan, you become the supplier of resources for hosting websites on the internet without the need to purchase a dedicated server, mount structures, monitor / manage a server or have advanced knowledge in the field. You are basically renting webspace and reselling it for your clients.

With this hosting plan, you will have an online control panel to manage all accounts and create separate cPanel account for your Clients. You can set up their hosting plans; customize the customer control panel with your brand, among many other benefits. The most important aspect is that each cPanel account will have its own resources – as opposed to a web-hosting plan, where if you host 10 websites, they will consume the resources allocated to that plan, as a whole.

So, have you decided which hosting plan is most suitable for you? You can checkout our cheap Web hosting and cheap Reseller plans and if you have any questions, please feel free to contact us anytime via Live chat support or Ticket system.
Best of luck with your project!


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