Shared Hosting vs. Reseller Hosting

Today, a website can literally have everything in it! Whether you’re building a small blog to post your photos and personal experiences, or a virtual store with an advanced encryption and efficient payment system, you can do it all.

To succeed on the Internet, more important than having a good idea for your site is having a complete hosting plan that meets all of your needs. Today we are going to talk about shared hosting and reseller hosting. We will layout some important features of these hosting plans and you can decide which one is best for you.

What is Shared Hosting?

Shared hosting is the most used form of hosting in the world, mainly because it has one of the best cost / benefit ratios in the market. With this plan, the user can have access to various tools at a price they can afford.
It’s really simple and it works like this: you host your site on a server group that has its resources shared among dozens or even hundreds of other sites. Therefore, each site […] Continue Reading…


VPS vs. Dedicated server

Over the years, having a web presence has become increasingly simple. With all the technology available today, it is possible to put your company on the web in a matter of days. But before you put your website online, you need to make some decisions. One of the first choices you need to do is to decide if you need a VPS or a dedicated server.

This choice will directly affect the performance of your site, so it’s important to know how these services work. Before understanding the main differences between them, you must answer the following question:

What are the needs of my website?

As you surely noticed, there are many different types of sites. There are portals, blogs, personal websites, institutional, hot sites, social networks, and many other services with specific features. And each one requires an appropriate hosting plan.

When you design your website, you need to observe the type of web hosting it will need. So for example: is it a content portal with thousands of simultaneous accesses? If so, the site will require […] Continue Reading…

softaculous cpanel

7 Reasons Why We Love Softaculous (And You Should Too!)

It’s safe to say that the internet has become a large and important part of people’s lives. However, we also know that our busy schedules can make it almost impossible to keep up with all of the latest trends and digital innovations. Want to make your life easier? Then what we about to reveal to you is a piece of information that you’ll definitely not want to keep aside.
What if I told you that there was a way to get free script installations on your website that can help make it better and requires no specific knowledge on your part to do so?
That’s where Softaculous comes in! This app is not just a passing fad. And if you are willing to take the time to install and learn how to use it, you can reap it’s numerous benefits. You’ll be rest assured that your website is in good hands.

What is softaculous?
In simple terms, Softaculous is an auto installer. From this simple plugin, you can install different web applications […] Continue Reading…

make a masked redirect from your cpanel

How to make a masked redirect from your cPanel

Learn how to manually forward and mask your domain from your cPanel account by following this quick tutorial!

Code that needs to be inserted:

<html><head><title><strong>Webstie title</strong></title></head>
<frameset cols=”*”>
<frame name=”main” src=”Link to the page you wish to forward” scrolling=”auto” noresize>
Your browser does not support frames

Need help?
Contact us on our Live chat support if you encounter any issues and we will gladly give you a hand setting it up!


SSD Hosting And Bitcoin

Is your website taking too long to load? Have you ever heard about SSD hosting? It can make your web pages load 20% faster.

How about Bitcoin? It is a brand new, revolutionary online payment method that is guaranteed to knock your socks off.

So behold, what we about to reveal to you are two of the most modern and convenient tools on the web right now. So stay tuned.


To have a website, the most basic thing you need is disk space and bandwidth. Most hosting servers use a hard disk drive (HDD) for file storage. But in recent years, web hosting companies started using SSD as their primary unit. Let’s see the difference between an HDD and SSD.

HDD Explained

HDD stands for hard disk drive. A hard disk drive is a hard disk made of nonmagnetic material which is coated with a thin layer of magnetic material. This coating is responsible for storing its data. The disc rotates at a high speed and a magnetic head mounted on a movable arm […] Continue Reading…

WHM How to Change or Limit Email Attachment size

For those of you who are just starting using WHM and are wondering why your attachments are not sent via email, you might consider looking into this article.
The default maximum file size limit that can be sent and received in cPanel is usually 50 MB – set by default. Need to change it to fit your needs? Well, it just takes a few minutes to edit the settings from your WHM account.

Just do the following:

Login to WHM as root
Under Service Configuration, Click “exim Configuration Manager”
Click “Advanced Editor”
Scroll down and Click “Add additional Configuration Setting”
Find “message_size_limit” in pull-down list and choose
Enter limit that you want to change to
Scroll to bottom and click “save”
..that’s it! You have now configured your message size limit.

Looking for a great VPS or Dedicated Server to send emails? You can check out our premium offer on

Unlimited Disk Space and Hosting Space

What Is Disk Space?

Disk space is the amount of space available on the hosting server for storing your website’s content. This include: pages, images, videos, files, databases, and many other things. It is essential to know how much disk space your site needs in order to choose a suitable hosting plan and identify future upgrade needs.

Web hosting companies usually offer plans with varying disk space. In shared hosting for example, you divide the server space with other customers. This space can range from a certain value all the way up to unlimited space. On a dedicated server, the disk space is fixed and it is limited to the hard drive size installed on your server.

How Much Disk Space Do I Need For My Website?
As previously stated, all of your website’s content is stored on the disk space provided by the type of web hosting plan you have. It includes, but it is not limited to:

* Files
* Databases
* Multimedia (photos, videos and music)
* Scripts
* E-mails (webmail)
* Traffic logs

You see, most websites are small and use […] Continue Reading…

How to choose a TLD

What Is a TLD?

Before buying a domain, there are many things to take into consideration. After thinking about the name, how it will affect your “brand” and search engine rankings (SEO) comes the time to decide the best suffix for your web address.

The suffix is called a Top Level Domain (TLD). The TLD is the last part of the domain name and, in general, has two to four letters.

For example,

The TLD is .com.

When buying a domain with us, you can choose different TLDs. Each TLD has its own unique benefit, so you need to check which one best meets the demands of your business and your site.

How to Choose a TLD?

Many people have doubts as to how to choose the domain name for their web sites. This really is an important decision and will certainly make a difference in the future of your site.

First you need to decide what type of website you want to have and the image you would like to portray to your prospective visitors.

Think about […] Continue Reading…

About VPS: Getting Familiar

During the life cycle of a website, at one point or another – especially when your audience starts to grow – traditional web hosting may not be sufficient to sustain its development. During this moment, a VPS may be the best way to maintain your website stable. This type of web hosting will provide you with all of the necessary support to sustain the growth, demands, resources and solicitations needed to keep your website up and running.

It is natural that there will be some questions and doubts along the way about which hosting plan to choose. In this article, I am going to help you understand what a VPS server is, what are its advantages and limitations, and how to choose the best VPS for your website.

What is a VPS server?

VPS stands for Virtual Private Server. In order to understand what it means and how it works, first, we need to understand each of the three terms below:

Server – place where files and data stored.
Virtual – not physical; virtual environment created by software.
Private – […] Continue Reading…

How to enable ionCube loader from your WHM using easyapache

ionCube was founded in 2002, and introduced tools to protect software written using the PHP programming language from being viewed, changed, and run on unlicensed computers. The tools use the technique of compiling to bytecode prior to encoding so that source code is eliminated, and runtime overheads are reduced. A PHP extension called the ionCube Loader handles the reading and execution of encoded files at run time.
PHP scripts can be easily read, changed and run on any PHP enabled system. Encoding PHP offers important benefits.
Product Developers: protect and license your code before distribution. Time restricting is ideal for protecting evaluation copies, and server/domain based locking helps secure revenue from multiple domain deployments.
Website Designers: protect your creative work and a revenue stream from future script updates.
Enterprise Customers: successfully enforce internal change control policies by avoiding untracked software tweaks that may get lost on a site reinstall or server move.
Website Owners: hide sensitive data and protect scripts from unauthorised changes that may go unnoticed indefinitely, and be a serious security and data protection risk.
You can easily […] Continue Reading…