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Manage Your Sites with Ease – cPanel Features:

cPanel hosting offers powerful tools to help any website owner perform essential website tasks quickly, easily, and reliably. It is the industry standard in website management among all top hosting companies. cPanel makes your life as a website owner simple!

cPanel for website owners provides the world’s most familiar user interfaces for managing a website. Website owners can easily manage their email accounts, databases, applications, security, FTP, and control every aspect of their websites through using the cPanel.

Creating Accounts

The cPanel hosting also allows website owners to create email accounts for their website. E-mail accounts are available through the standard protocols including POP, IMAP, and SMTP, all with or without SSL encryption. Designed with mobile users in mind, cPanel enables fast incoming and outgoing mail delivery. cPanel also supports Push Email via IMAP IDLE.

Webmail Access

Website owners have the ability to access email from anywhere they can find an internet connection, as well as configure many account options including email forwarding and auto-responders. cPanel provides three interfaces for checking email, including Horde, Roundcube, and SquirrelMail.


cPanel gives website owners the option of using powerful spam filters, SpamAssassin, and BoxTrapper. These powerful tools analyze incoming mail, looking at the source and content of all messages, as well as comparing it against lists of known spammers. Website owners can also setup custom spam filter rules to route messages to a spam folder. This helps to keep any inbox uncluttered!

Email Forwarding

E-mail forwarding is available through the cPanel hosting. Forwarding allows account holders to have an address at one domain (such as and forward incoming messages to any other domain (such as

Email Filtering

E-mail filtering is available for improved organization and handling of incoming e-mail.


cPanel offers website owners a simple, easy to use “Backup Wizard.” cPanel will make a full backup of your databases, email, and web sites with a few clicks, which can then be downloaded to a computer or sent to another server over SCP or FTP.


Database management is simple with cPanel! All of your database tasks, ranging from creating databases to manually editing tables, can be done through cPanel. cPanel supports MySQL databases, with the ability to add PostgreSQL, too.

Easy Setup Wizard

To minimize setup time, cPanel includes a “Getting Started Wizard,” which will walk you through the initial configuration of your account. Step-by-step tutorials, on-screen documentation, and other useful information is available through the Wizard.

Manage Domain Names

While most Web site owners manage only one domain for their Webhosting account, it is entirely possible to use a combination of multiple domains.

Through cPanel, website owners have the ability to:

  • Manage sub-domains (, with a prefix (
  • Manage Parked Domains (additional addresses that point to the website.)
  • Add-on domains, allowing website owners to run several Web sites from their account.

Managing Files

Managing website content is simple with cPanel! Website owners can:

  • Easily upload and manage web pages
  • Drag and drop files into their account using cPanel’s Web Disk feature
  • Use traditional file transfer methods (including FTP, SFTP, and FTPS).
  • Additionally, cPanel offers various file management tools, cPanel & WHM which make it easy to manage FTP accounts for employees or colleagues. This enables other users to upload files with optional security restrictions.

One-Click Applications

Commonly used web-based applications are easy to install with cPanel! Website owners can install such applications as WordPress blogs, simply by answering a few quick questions through their cPanel interface. cPanel’s intuitive and highly customizable interface provides website owners with an environment that will grow and evolve with their business!

Account Statistics

A range of built-in log file statistics are available through the cPanel. Log processing programs such as Webalizer, Analog Stats, and AWStats, allow website owners to see how many times their websites have been visited and how much email they have been sending.


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  1. oldans

    I love cPanel, it is one panel that actually does what it should with little to no complications for the end user. I recently heard that they are going to be working on a newer version to seem-line things for users too (more organization), I can not wait to see the update.

  2. Braedan

    The easier and more stream-lined the better. I like that I don’t have to worry so much about my domains with cPanel instead of having to do everything myself. I find the Account Statistics handy to know if I need to change anything to get more traffic visiting my sites.

    • oldans

      I think that is the thing I love most about cPanel, the ease of it. While there are still a few things I need to learn majority of the stuff I need is right at my fingertips and it is not hard to search either. I have tried other panels before and nothing really comes close to cPanel.

      • Anita

        If cPanel is as easy as everyone keeps saying, I’m going to have to look into it. Do you think cPanel is pretty easy to learn? I’d prefer something that isn’t going to be tough to learn.

  3. Justin

    If I’m honest oldans, I hate when there are big updates to things that I use. I always fear that they will either break something, or take away a feature that I love.

    • Anita

      I hate when there are big Updates on my computer or phones. I’ve had issues with updates breaking my computer or breaking my phone. Most software updates for programs I don’t have issues with.

  4. Raffy

    I don’t mind updates and find I very rarely lose anything. cPanel sounds like a user-friendly hosting company, which I like. I find it irritating when I can’t simply do something without having to read through documents to find instructions.

    • braedan

      I agree Raffy, I’ve had some programs that take hours to figure out the install and then everything that comes after. Having it all simply laid out makes it much easier to get on with daily business.

      • Justin

        I do like the challenge of the more difficult installs though, if I’m honest. There’s something very satisfying about beating a very difficult system.

  5. Abigail

    It certainly is easy to use, once you get past the install of it. And since you don’t have to worry about that here, it’s a fairly ideal way to manage your sites.

    • Your weblog is fine. I simply wish to touch upon the plan. Its extremely loud. Its doing approach extremely much along with it takes away from what youve acquired to verbalize –which I think is certainly imtptrano. I dont know in the event you didnt suppose that your phrases might hold everyones attention, but you were wrong. Anyhow, in my language, there aren’t much excellent source similar this.

  6. Puhlease

    People are saying that CPanel is the best and the easiest, but that is compared to what? CPanel is the only one that I have ever used to the truth is that I didn’t know that there was another alternative.

    • Geordi

      There are actually a number of alternatives to CPanel, including WebMin, GNUPanel, and SysCp. The biggest benefit with the majority of alternatives is that they are cheaper (or free) to have a license to use them. That CPanel is included here is great.

  7. Puhlease

    How do these compare to CPanel as far as ease of use is concerned? Because that’s one thing that CPanel sure does have going for it, it’s lovely and easy to use even for someone who isn’t very tech.

  8. PEvans

    I’ve heard of GNUPanel but not CPanel. I’ll have to check out how easy it is to use and whether it suits what I need for my new website. I like all the things CPanel comes with, especially the email and the account statistics on how many views your site receives.

  9. Giselle

    We use CPanel but I’m not really sure how it works since our IT guy did it for us but I do love the fact that I can easily get the statistics on how much traffic our site receives on a daily or weekly basis. That way we can tweak the site to bring more people in if needed.

  10. Anita

    I might have to look into CPanel. The Spam feature sounds like a must-have for any website. Account statistics seems like it would come in handy as well.

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