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Good news! We’ve just launched our daily backup system today. What does this mean for you? Your site will be backed up to a remote server automatically every day! Before we were running manual backups ourselves which took up precious time. In case a server ever crashes, or you accidentally make a change to your site that you didn’t mean to, you can open a support ticket and we can restore your site up to 3 days prior. Just tell us which of the 3 days you want to go back to.

What do you have to do? Absolutely nothing! This is all automated and absolutely FREE! We strive to make your free hosting experience as painless as possible!


  1. oldans

    Do your daily backups have a limit? I have seen this before with other hosting companies where they will allow a specific limit to be capped for the freebies.

    • Justin

      I’ve also seen where they simply overwrite the oldest copy of the backup, and this is the normal way in which they reduce the overheads involved in taking backups. Storage is then at most three times the size of the live server.

      • Geordi

        That seems to be what is being offered here, as they said that they can restore your site to a backup from up to three days prior. So presumably, every day the oldest gets over written.

      • Giselle

        I think they do overwrite but it looks like they keep at least 3 days of backups just in case you need to go back that far. I think when we’ve had problems, we went to the day before. Since we are doing updates constantly and we want the latest update so we don’t lose information.

  2. Abigail

    That’s a truly fantastic service to be offering, especially doing so for free. It’s nice to know that our websites will be a little more robust for having that back up.

  3. Justin

    Given the cost of the backup services that I’ve seen, I’m very impressed to see that you offer this for free. What a great way to look after your customers.

  4. braedan

    That’s a great offer considering sometimes you really don’t like what’s happened to the site when it’s been updated or the update just doesn’t work the way you want it to. The fact that it is free is an added bonus.

  5. braedan

    Very good thing to offer your clientelle. Everyone needs to back up their work and the fact that you also do it is a bonus in case someone forgets. I know everytime we do a change we also do a backup of what we had just in case an error happens.

    • Geordi

      Good point, it’s nice that this is there as a kind of a fail safe in case you forget. But the most useful thing perhaps is that it works as version control in case something goes badly wrong.

      • Puhlease

        By version control, what do you mean? Are you suggesting that people could use it to test out a new feature, and roll back if it fails? I personally doubt that is how this is meant to be used, as it could become too time consuming for the company.

        • Geordi

          Yes, that is what version control is. It’s a way of storing a particular version of a piece of software, or a website, so that changes can be made. Then if something goes wrong on the live version, the changes can be rolled back.

  6. raffy

    We’ve been backing up our site every automatically every evening, only because we deal with a large amount of data everyday and can’t afford to lose it. This is a good service to offer people.

  7. Anita

    I can’t stress enough how important using backups are. Our business had one of our computers completely fry after a bad storm. Luckily, we are very particular about backing up everything.

  8. PEvans

    How does the back up work? Do you keep more than one back up of the client’s site or do you get rid of the old back up with the new one? What if you are trying out a new system and you wish to go back to the old one but it’s been a few days, is the old data gone?

    • Giselle

      It says they can go back 3 days, so as long as your information is within that time limit you are okay. Anything before that is lost. It’s good to have that type of backup system if anything goes wrong.

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