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How our website is firstly percieved by your visitors has a lot to do with shades and pigments.  In this post we decided to talk a little about color psychology.

Color has to be adequately set to match the message you want to send. Cool colors like blue and greed give a sense of security and trust – that is why they are so often used as backgrounds in websites. As, on the other hand, warm colors like red, yellow and orange are more dynamic and aggressive, thus being best used for emphasis and not for background.

Here is a list of colors to help you with choosing the right one for your website:

Red – associated with wormth, stop, aggression, boldness, fire

Orange – associated with wormth, autumnal

Yellow – associated with joy, the Sun

Brown – associated with wormth, autumn and sometimes messiness

Green – associated with freshness, novelty

Blue – associated with water, peace and tranquility

Mauve – associated with luxury, royalty

Black – associated with night, mystery and privacy

Grey – associated with rain, wisdom

White – associated with innocence, purity and cleanness

(Powell T.A.)

It is widely known that worm colors evoke feelings of joy, whilst cool colors reflect a sense of calm and tranquility.

So, when designing your website, keep in mind all of the above and choose your website color to match the message you want to send!






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