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Take a look at our Windows storage which holds all of our files. We’re ALMOST to a FULL 10TB which translates  in to almost 10,000GB, or basically 312 Samsung Galaxy S4 phones being completely full of data!

On top of that, our 10TB of storage is also backed up remotely to another data center here in Minneapolis, Minneosta! Your site is backed up, which is then backed up to another server! Please sleep well at night knowing that your data is safe with us here at WeHostFree.


Server Storage


  1. oldans

    I am just curious but how long do the backups take? Most of the time I barely notice a backup during the evening hours with my current host but I know sometimes this is hard to do when you are on a shared server with other customers.

    • Giselle

      That would be my question too. I know it takes forever when we do a backup and it’s because it’s a lot of information to backup. We tend to do it in the evening and warn everyone before so they aren’t trying to dial in to the server while we are performing the backup.

  2. Justin

    Good question. Are the backups taken of only pages or files that have been changed during the backup period, in order to reduce overheads on the server and bandwidth too?

  3. Abigail

    That’s a heck of a lot of storage. How many web pages can be stored in that amount of storage?! That’s an awful lot of data for various people to be storing!

  4. braedan

    I supposed with your client base you will need that storage space and more soon. It’s nice to know that you are also backing up what you have in storage now. Are most of these backups only done in the evening?

  5. raffy

    That’s a good amount of storage. Since you are nearing the 10TBs are you going to be adding more space soon? It’s good to hear you are also backing up that stored information elsewhere.

    • Geordi

      It would seem that you would need another upgrade soon, but that must surely mean that you are doing really well! Still, there’s some room left to go yet. Do your backups get sent to a different storage bank?

  6. Anita

    That is a crazy amount of data. It is so interesting when you put into that kind of perspective, though. I make sure to keep my computer pretty clean. I use external hard drives often.

  7. PEvans

    What size is your storage, 10.5TB? Are you adding more storage as you need it? It is reassuring that files are being backed up twice.

  8. Giselle

    That’s a lot of storage space. I imagine by now you’ve upgraded to even more storage depending on your growing clientelle. So if you are backing up to another server then you must have quite a bit of storage space there as well.

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