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What is Webmail?

Like MacMail, Gmail or Microsft Outlook, Webmail is another powerful tool you can use to send and receive mails. Webmail is different because you can access it using a web browser. It doesn’t require you to setup the software. You can simply log into webmail and begin to use it. Please note that before you attempt to login to your webmail, you will have to create an email address within your cPanel.

How to Log into Webmail?

There are two ways that you can log into webmail:

1. via direct link
2. via your cPanel


1. Logging into your Webmail through direct link

If your domain has propagated, you can access webmail by typing any of the following URLs into your browser’s address bar. In the examples below, substitute your primary domain or addon domain name for

–  /

2. Logging into your Webmail through cPanel

Into your cPanel, on ” Mail ” section, you will find the ” Webmail ” option.Click on it !


After logging into webmail, you’ll be presented with three options: Horde, Roundcube, and SquirrelMail. These three options are different webmail clients that can be used for sending and reading email. All of them show you your email, however each of them has their own look & feel as well as their own unique features.


SquirellMail – Limited in features, however this allows you to quickly read and respond to email
Horde – Has more functionality than SquirrelMail, however this can at times make the software slower and more “busy”
Roundcube – It has a very clean look and feel to it, similar to a desktop client such as Mac Mail our Outloook

If you will ever encounter any problem about logging into your webmail, don’t hesitate to contact us. We are 24/7/365 on Live Chat and Ticket System !!!



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