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Let’s  assume that you have lost your cPanel password, and you don’t know what to do. In this tutorial you will see how simple it is to recover / reset your cPanel password.

First of all, if you forgot your original cPanel password you can check your inbox for the “New Account Information” email. There, among other details, you will find your cPanel credentials.

Anyway, there is another way to recover your cPanel password. If at anytime you wish to change, or view your current cPanel login details, you can do so from your THC Servers Client Area. After successfully logging in, simply click on “Services” and then select “My Services” to view your list of THC Servers products and services and their status.

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Then click the “View Details” button for the service you wish to manage.

This will take you to the “Products & Services” page. Here, you will see the details of your service.
Click on the “Change Password” tab.

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On the following screen you can enter a new password. Also, here you can find your username and current password of your cPanel.

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Congratulations. You have just learnt to recover / change your cPanel password.





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