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We’ve added a new feature to the site. It’s small, but should be quite helpful.

If you scroll to the bottom of any of our pages, you will see a message that states something like “Average ticket response time is:

You can check here to see how fast we’re responding to tickets. This will be helpful so you can have an estimate of how soon we’ll get back to you should you need to open a support ticket.


  1. oldans

    Does your ticketing software end of closing tickets after a lack of activity on either side of the ticket? I ask because my current host closes a ticket within about 24 hours and to me that seems too soon (especially during the holidays).

    • braedan

      I’ve seen it happen before where the company doesn’t have the manpower to keep up with the tickets and they feel if you do not give a response within 12 to 24 hours then they close it. This is silly because not everyone is watching for an answer to come in, some of us are busy working.

    • Anita

      Twenty-four hours doesn’t seem like enough time for both sides of the ticket. Sometimes people are away from their desk or they get busy with other projects. I’d say a ticket should be open for seventy-two hours.

  2. Raffy

    Why would they close a ticket within 24 hours of inactivity? Seems a little short of the time it should be answered. I think it’s great that you can give an average response time so we can see how long we have to wait. There’s nothing worse than opening a ticket and having to check often because you are waiting for a response that may not come for days.

    • Justin

      I can see potentially that the host may expect that, when an issue is bugging you that you would keep plugging at it until it is resolved. Most people can find five minutes even during a holiday to check on their support ticket.

      • raffy

        I suppose your right Justin. I know I would keep plugging at it until it the issue is resolved. I think it would depend on the issue and how important it is to what you are currently doing.

        • Puhlease

          I have personally let minor issues slide for a number of days before deciding that they bug me enough to action a support ticket. But once I get started on it, I want it finished.

  3. braedan

    Will the ticket response stats still be updated on the new website? I think it’s a great idea as it gives us an idea of how long before we will receive or expect an answer. We can do other things while we wait.

  4. PEvans

    I like that you are giving that average ticket response time so it gives people a heads up on how long to expect to wait for an answer. Nothing worse than not knowing how long a service ticket is going to take to get answered.

  5. Giselle

    I agree PEvans, I know there are times when I’ve waited for an answer on some sites and it didn’t come for a good 48 hours or more. Not knowing when you will receive an answer makes it hard to continue doing what you need to do without checking every hour to see if your ticket is up yet.

  6. Anita

    I really love when companies have an estimated time on ticket responses. That way, I can try and be at my desk when the ticket will be responded to. I wish more companies would give estimated time on ticket responses. I think it is really beneficial to the customer as well as the company.

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