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We’re happy to announce that we’re officially moved over to our new data center in Buffalo, NY! No customers noticed any downtime that were already pointing to our nameservers. Our new servers feature Intel Xeon CPU E3-1270 V2 processors with 32GB of RAM. This will help support the increase in demand for our free hosting and help stability across the network. Happy free hosting!


  1. oldans

    Are your servers still in Buffalo? I wonder about the up-time in a place that is known for having harsh winter weather. How do you guarantee up-time during the bad months?

    • raffy

      I’m sure they have contigencies for this type of problem. No doubt they have the servers located where they have a backup electrical source in order to keep them running all the time.

  2. Abigail

    There are lots of server centers in places without perfect weather. Often they will have power back ups, and always they are in heavily protected buildings. My visits to server centers have been kind of scary if I’m honest.

  3. Raffy

    Maybe they have generators in case of power outages, this would keep the servers going with no down-time to affect their client base? Is the weather extreme in the winter in Buffalo?

  4. braedan

    Are the winters really that harsh in Buffalo? Some parts of Canada have really harsh winters but it doesn’t seem to hurt their servers, at least not that I have ever heard. I’m glad the changeover was seemless for you.

    • Abigail

      No I agree that the weather really shouldn’t be an issue. As long as buildings remain standing, generators are enough for power, and the only issue then becomes the network into and out of the building.

      • Geordi

        More than that, server centers are generally very well built and supplied. These kinds of things are taken into account when they are being built so that big down times don’t generally happen.

        • Puhlease

          In what ways can buildings such as these be weather proofed, and protected (in other intances) from things such as earthquakes? I’m curious as to how safe a building can be when dealing with mother nature, which can be so very destructive.

          • Geordi

            Weather proofing means needing underground lines for power, internet and so on. Having a backup generator works too. Earthquake resistant buildings have been available for some time now, and are commonly built in earthquake prone areas.

            These buildings have scary fire suppression too. It would literally kill a person who was trapped in there.

  5. PEvans

    That’s great that your servers are up and running in the new location without any of your clients being affected by the move to the new place. That is the only thing I worry about, whether the shifting to a new place will cause problems or slowdowns for customers.

  6. Giselle

    Congratulations on moving the servers with little downtime for your clients. Yes, PEvans, long ago I worked for a place that moved their servers from one city to another and it caused some major problems, so I would probably worry aout the same thing.

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