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We’re launching our new testimonial video contest! Submit your testimonial video of at least 30 seconds talking about your positive experience with WeHostFree and for every 25 video submissions, we’ll pick 1 lucky winner to be upgraded to either our Business shared hosting plan or our R1 reseller hosting plan FREE for 1 year! It’s your choice which plan you’d like to go with.

You can either upload the video to YouTube yourself, or feel free to send us the video file and we can upload it to our own channel. Once you’ve recorded your clip, send us a support ticket with a link to the video and we’ll enter you in the drawing!

You can follow us on Twitter, Facebook, or here on our blog to know when 25 videos have been uploaded. We’ll announce the winner via e-mail!


  1. oldans

    Do you plan to have other contests like this, maybe similar but not exactly the same? I don’t prefer to do videos myself but I would participate in other ways.

  2. braedan

    I agree on the not doing video part oldans. I’m just not any good in front of the camera. Maybe they could do written testimonials that could be featured up front on the website. This would be good for future customers to view.

  3. raffy

    I love doing videos and think it’s a wonderful opportunity for people to give you their testimonials and for you to see how you are doing as well! Maybe you should do quarterly contests like this.

  4. Abigail

    It seems like you have rather a lot of shy customers! I’m not surprised though, I don’t know many of my geek friends who would have the confidence to do something like this.

  5. Geordi

    This is an exciting contest! On the contrary, I am neither shy nor retiring and I love the chance to show off from time to time. I’m considering putting in an entry for this!

    • Puhlease

      I tend to be quite quiet too, but considering how much good a contest like this can do for the company, I might be willing to try. I figure it can’t be that scary, not really!

  6. PEvans

    I’ve never done a video for anything before. This is a good contest to have to help bring in more traffic, how exciting! How many videos did you end up getting from your clients?

  7. Giselle

    Have you thought about doing a Facebook contest as well for those of us that don’t enjoy being on camera? A lot of people visit a company’s Facebook page for more information and to view what others are saying about the company.

  8. Anita

    YouTube testimonials are a great idea. This will be great to add to the site as well. A lot of people look for customer reviews or try to find information on a business.
    As someone mentioned, Facebook contest are a great idea as well. You can also do a Twitter contest. Those help a lot spread the word about websites.

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