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Everyone who owns a website has encountered, at some point, a website error. Here, at, we made a list of the top 5 common website errors so you can identify and solve the problems in no time:

  • Server not found error – first, check to see if you typed your address correctly, you might have missed a letter if you were in a hurry. Make sure your DNS propagation process is complete – you can use  to see if your website is pointing to the right IP address. DNS propagation can take up to even 48h, usually much less, so patience is sometimes needed. In some cases, you could be banned by the Firewall – contact us on Live chat or Ticket system – we are online 24/7 so do not hesitate!
  • 500 internal server error – this error often appears because there are conflicts between your website and the PHP version. Lucky for you, our cPanel offers the option to change the PHP version manually – just login and search for PHP version, change it to one that works best for you and click to save. You tried every PHP version and it did not work? Check your .htaccess for errors file from File manager. If you can’t find it, use the option to show hidden files – it usually does not show.
  • server connection timed out error – contact us if you encounter this problem. It usually means that our Firewall blocked your IP. We can unblock it in just a few minutes, so give us a shout.
  • 403 forbidden error – most of the times this error comes up if your folders do not have the proper permissions. You can manage folder/file permissions from cPanel – File manager file permission
  • 508 resource limit reached error – this is caused because your account has reached its limits. You can check your usage in cPanel – left area. If the limits are ok, then it might just have been a spike in your graph; you might have received a high traffic in a short time and your resources were overloaded.

Need help? We are always glad to give a hand! Contact us on Live chat or Ticket system and one of our colleagues will reach out to you.

Thank you again for choosing !

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