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When your traffic increases, you might experience a Website limits reached error. But why does this happen and what does it mean?

Every hosting package comes with limited resources:

Geek plan – Cpu 40%, virtual memory 1536Mb, Physical memory 1536, Entry processes 40, Number of processes 20, I/O 1024
Nerd plan – Cpu 50%, virtual memory 3072Mb, Physical memory 3072, Entry processes 50, Number of processes 50, I/O 2048
Freek plan – Cpu 60%, virtual memory 4096Mb, Physical memory 4096, Entry processes 60, Number of processes 100, I/O 2048

Most of the cases, the error is caused by the number of entry processes.


What is an entry process?
Well, when logging in your cPanel, you can see in your Statistics the Entry processes number. The number shows just how many PHP scripts you have running at the same time. As you can see above, the limits are 20/50/60 of PHP scripts running at the same time.

Despite rumors, a 20 limit Entry process does not mean that your website can only be accessed by 20 visitors, simultaneously.


How to solve the issue?
You can solve this problem by two ways: Upgrade your hosting package in order to gain more resources Or ask us online to restart your services – if you think the limits were reached because of a spike in your traffic, and it is not permanent.


Having trouble with your website’s limits? Contact us!



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