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Change Email Attachment size or limit it when sending emails

For those of you who are just starting using Web Hosting Manager (also knows as WHM) and are wondering why your attachments are not sent via email, you might consider looking into this article.
The default maximum file size limit that can be sent and received in cPanel is usually 50 MB – set by default. Need to change it to fit your needs? Well, it just takes a few minutes to edit the settings from your Web Hosting Manager account.

Just do the following:

Login to WHM as root
Under Service Configuration, Click “exim Configuration Manager”
Click “Advanced Editor”
Scroll down and Click “Add additional Configuration Setting”
Find “message_size_limit” in pull-down list and choose
Enter limit that you want to change to
Scroll to bottom and click “save”

..that’s it! You have now configured your message size limit. You can try sending the emails you need anytime, as the effect is immediate. If you are still receiving an error, please be sure that you have increased the limit enough – look into your attachment size and double check. If needed, go back to your WHM and change email attachment size again. Be sure to press Save to have the settings modified and applied to the server.

If you are just not sure how to make the changes yourself or you’re in need of guidance, then you can contact our support and they will make the changes in your Web hosting Manager.

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  1. Dante King

    ..that’s it! You have not configured your message size limit.

    That’s a typo yes?

  2. Thank you for this, I didn’t know what the exact name of the mail attachment size property was so this was a life saver!

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