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Is your website taking too long to load? Have you ever heard about SSD hosting? It can make your web pages load 20% faster.

How about Bitcoin? It is a brand new, revolutionary online payment method that is guaranteed to knock your socks off.

So behold, what we about to reveal to you are two of the most modern and convenient tools on the web right now. So stay tuned.


To have a website, the most basic thing you need is disk space and bandwidth. Most hosting servers use a hard disk drive (HDD) for file storage. But in recent years, web hosting companies started using SSD as their primary unit. Let’s see the difference between an HDD and SSD.

HDD Explained

HDD stands for hard disk drive. A hard disk drive is a hard disk made of nonmagnetic material which is coated with a thin layer of magnetic material. This coating is responsible for storing its data. The disc rotates at a high speed and a magnetic head mounted on a movable arm is used to read and write the data. This whole “spinning process” leads to a delayed response time and a humming noise on the computer. Fortunately, HDD can be used for many years without any problems and has been the most used drive till today.

SSD Explained

SSD stands for solid state drive. Unlike the HDD , SSD has no moving parts, and data is stored in interconnected flash memory chips . As there are no moving parts involved in the reading or writing of data, the SSD has better transfer speed and better performance than HDD. Moreover, the chance of data loss for some small misuse is dramatically reduced. SSD’s can operate at high and low temperatures and have the ability to withstand extreme shock and strength. Thus, your data is extremely secure with SSD.

Why You Need SSD Hosting

In this day and age, a fast loading website is crucial to a better user experience. No one likes to wait for a web page to load. Thus, even a page with a 1- second delay may be enough to lose potential customers by 7%. Also, don’t forget that page load time is obviously an important factor in your website’s ability to rank on Google and other search engines.

There are many factors that affect page load time. The correct hosting for your businesses website just happens to be one of them. Most web hosting providers are using various technologies to increase their hosting speed. Using SSDs is one such method. Iincreases the page loading speed and brings to its customers an overall better web hosting environment.

3 Simple Reasons Why SSD is Better Than HDD

1. Loads your website faster
2. Better website performance
3. Environmentally friendly


Have you ever heard of the virtual currency called Bitcoin? It is one of the most popular ways nowadays to make payments over the internet without involving financial institutions in the transaction. It can be used by both individual users and businesses. Interestingly, no one controls Bitcoin and anyone can join this system. This currency represents a simple and safe alternative to buying goods and contracting services online (especially when we are dealing with international companies). With Bitcoin, it’s safety first. Another good thing about it is that you won’t suffer with exchange rates, since it always works with actual values. It truly is a revolutionary way of paying for things online, and luckily for you, we accept Bitcoin as payment too.
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