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What is a Masked redirect?

If you wish to show the content from another page on your domain name, then masked redirect is what you are looking for! Domain masking, URL masking or Masked redirect are technically the same thing: when you access, for example, it displays the content of, but in the address bar it still shows Although the content is from domain2, there are no files being uploaded to domain1. All database connections are still being made on the hosting account of domain2.

You can do this redirect multiple ways: by embedding a frame in the main website, so that the website points to another one; URL rewriting when the server displays the same content on both urls (aliases); Virtual hosting when the server displays on different website the content of the “host”

Below, we will show you the easiest way to make a masked redirect:
Learn how to make a masked redirect from your cPanel account by following this quick tutorial!

Code that needs to be inserted:

<html><head><title><strong>Webstie title</strong></title></head>
<frameset cols="*">
 <frame name="main" src="Link to the page you wish to forward" scrolling="auto" noresize>
 Your browser does not support frames

Once the code has been inserted, your masked redirect will be working – give it a test!
Need help with making the masked redirect?
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