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It’s safe to say that the internet has become a large and important part of people’s lives. However, we also know that our busy schedules can make it almost impossible to keep up with all of the latest trends and digital innovations. Want to make your life easier? Then what we about to reveal to you is a piece of information that you’ll definitely not want to keep aside.
What if I told you that there was a way to get free script installations on your website that can help make it better and requires no specific knowledge on your part to do so?
That’s where Softaculous comes in! This app is not just a passing fad. And if you are willing to take the time to install and learn how to use it, you can reap it’s numerous benefits. You’ll be rest assured that your website is in good hands.

What is softaculous?

In simple terms, Softaculous is an auto installer. From this simple plugin, you can install different web applications with a single click. No technical knowledge and advanced skills are necessary. It allows you to install applications such as: portals, e-commerce solutions, blogs, forums, polls and more. To use Softaculous , go to the Control Panel and click ” Softaculous “. Then, click on one of the scripts. They will be automatically installed.

Here’s why we love softaculous (and you should too!)

1. It’s made our live’s so much easier.
2. All applications are sorted by categories. That makes it easy for us to find what we need.
3. Their scripts cover all of the demands that you and your customer’s can come to have. With numerous categories , you can find exactly what you want and make your website even more powerful.
4. It is so comprehensive. It can take care of installing important updates and contains a very simple option to create backups automatically. This allows you to maintain and protect your online assets through a streamlined and effortless process. (You can receive updates to their applications much faster too).
5. A point in favor of Softaculous is their security measures. User information is encrypted, thus protecting your privacy at all costs. The Softaculous applications are also installed on the HTTPS protocol for maximum security.
6. Softaculous is built into the cPanel control panel interface, but works independently, without interfering in any process of cPanel.
7. Softaculous maintains a space for users to be able to evaluate, review, and comment scripts. There’s a whole community around it. This was created with the customer in mind. It helps facilitate the process of selecting the applications you want to use. Through personal rankings and reviews, Softaculous will make it easy to figure out which free script installations are best for you.

With Softaculous, there’s something special for everybody. There are applications to manage customer service, blogs , e-commerce and so much more!
So why not give it a shot? We provide cheap web hosting and cheap dedicated servers with Softaculos in all our Web-hosting and Reseller plans!

Access a Softaculous through your user panel and start taking advantage all of their free script installations, today.
Need help? We’re always happy to assist.
Contact us on Live Chat support or Ticket system, 24/7!

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