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In this tutorial you will find detailed information on how to use Softaculous to install a Joomla 3 application on your THCServers hosting account. The installation process is very easy and requires just a few clicks within your cPanel.

First, you need to access your cPanel. Once you access your cPanel account, in Softaculous section, you will see a Joomla icon. Click on it.

Now, you need to press the Install button in order to start the Joomla 3 setup process.


Select Joomla 3 from the drop-down menu and choose the installation folder for the new application. Please note that you will have to leave empty the “In Directory” box if you want Joomla 3 to be installed in the root directory of your account.


Select administrative username, password and e-mail address. Note, that it is important to provide correct email address because it will be used in case you forget your password or want to reset it. Once you fill in that information, press the Install button to complete the installation.


In a few seconds, your Joomla 3 application will be installed and ready to use. In addition, you will receive detailed information on how to login to your new Joomla 3.x website!

If you encounter any kind of problems during Joomla installation or simply have questions about it, don’t hesitate to contact us via Live Chat or Ticket System.

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