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How to Install WordPress on Localhost

WordPress has grown over the years from a simple blogging platform to a full fledged content management system. It now powers over 35% of websites on the internet. If you are looking to use WordPress for your next website project it may be advisable to first build the website on your computer and then upload it to a live server.

If you are looking to build a WordPress website on your computer, you will need to install WordPress on your computer. This can by done by using a web server such as Xampp or Wamp and WordPress can be installed on a local host, if you do not have a WordPress hosting yet.

In this tutorial we will go through in detail how you can install WordPress on localhost.

Step 1: Download Xampp

Visit the xampp download page and download the installation files.

How to install WordPress on localhost using XAMPP

Step 2: Install Xampp

Once the download is complete open the setup file to begin installation.

Follow the on-screen instructions and install Xampp

It may take 2-5 minutes for installation depending on your computer.

Once the setup is complete click on Finish

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Step 3: Download WordPress

Visit the official WordPress download page and download WordPress.

Step 4: Create a website folder

WordPress needs a database in order to run. You will therefore have to create a new database in Xampp.

Open the Xampp installation forlder on your computer. Here you will find the htdocs folder, open it and create a new folder inside it. You can use the name of your website as the folder name.

In this example we have created a new folder called WordPress.

Copy your downloaded WordPress files and paste them inside the folder that you just created.

how to install wordpress on localhost using xampp

Your downloaded WordPress files will usually be in a zip format. You will need to extract the zip files inside the folder that you created.

Step 5: Creating a database

Open your browser and visit localhost/phpMyAdmin

Click on the Databases tab and enter a new name for your database. Then click on create to create a new database as shown below.

Once the database has been created you will find it in your list of databases as shown below.

Step 6: Installing WordPress

You are now ready to start installing WordPress. To begin installation, open a new tab on your browser and visit http://localhost/wordpress remember to replace “wordpress” with the name of the folder that you had created in step 4.

This will take you to the WordPress installation screen as shown below. Select your language and click on Continue.

On the next screen you will see a list of things required to install WordPress. Click on Let’s go.

On the next screen enter the name of the database that you created in step 5. Enter the username as root and leave the password blank. The other details will already be filled for you. Click on Submit.

If you have followed the steps correctly up to now you should now be ready to install WordPress. Click on Run the installation.

As a final installation step, you will need to setup your WordPress login details. Enter your website’s title, a username and a strong password. These details will be used when you log in to WordPress, so make sure you remember these. Enter your email and click on Install WordPress.

Once the installation is complete, you should get a success notification similar to the one shown below.


That’s all for our tutorial on installing WordPress on localhost. We hope you are now easily able to setup xampp and install WordPress on localhost. Got any questions? Let us know in the comments section.

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